Management Consulting Services

We understand that nobody knows your business better than you do. Our hands-on approach to management consultation begins with getting to know you and your business and gaining and understanding of your goals. Once we have that information, we can help you identify opportunities to increase business efficiency and profitability, identify tax-saving opportunities and develop a strategic plan for the future. With the guidance and expertise of our CPAs and accountants, you can be confident that you are making the best decisions for your business and will be able to rely on timely and accurate information. 

We offer a wide range of Management Consulting Services including:

Forecasts, Budgets and Projections

Are you a business owner who does not have a handle on your business finances because you are too busy handling the day to day operations? Do you know how many units you have to sell or customers you have to service to reach your breakeven point? Do you have a budget for your business? If not, we can help you make sense of your numbers and make informed decisions about your business by creating a budget, forecast or projection for you. Our dynamic financial modeling software allows us to build a budget for your business and allows you to play “what if” to see how financial decisions impact your business. Should you buy that new piece of equipment now or wait until next year? Should you hire another employee? Let us show you what the cost/benefit of each decision is.

Business Management Consulting

Are you are a crossroads with your business? Do you have a succession plan? Have you ever had a valuation conducted on your business to know what it is worth? These are all questions we have assisted clients in answering. Whether you need to develop a succession plan for your business or identify where in your internal control structure you face the greatest control weaknesses, our experienced team of consultants can help you.

Interim CFO and Controller Services

Have you outgrown your current bookkeeper? Have you just lost your controller or CFO to unexpected circumstances? Do you need a higher level of expertise involved in your financial process? We are able to provide interim and part-time CFO and controller services to assist you in running your business on a short-term or long-term basis.

Business Valuation

We analyze financial data to estimate the value of a business for insurance needs, to help negotiate a successful merger or for litigation purposes.

Forensic Accounting Services

As experienced forensic accountants we can examine financial records to detect fraudulent activity and uncover hidden assets to support divorce proceedings. Additionally, our persuasive expert witness testimony will support your case in court.

Litigation Support, Expert Witness and Mediation Services

Unfortunately there are times in the life of a business when disagreements arise or business owners do not feel their business partners are being fair or honest with them. Sometimes these disagreements require litigation or forensic accounting or the work of a specialist to conduct “fact finding” and propose an agreeable solution. Or perhaps you are admitting a new owner to the business or buying one out and have reached a “sticking point” in the negotiations and need an impartial third party to assist in moving the negotiations along. If you find yourself in the situation where you require these services or believe you may require them in the near future, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition to business owners, we provide a full range of support services for law firms, insurance companies and others in need of litigation support, expert witness services, forensic accounting, bankruptcy estate support, damage calculations, loss assessments and business interruption assessments. We provide these specialized services at very competitive rates.

Bankruptcy Estate Services

For a variety of reasons, businesses find themselves in a bankruptcy situation or a near to bankruptcy situation (or “workout”). In these scenarios, companies, courts or creditors often need the assistance of CPAs and consultants to assist in either running the company in a fiscally sound way or winding it down and assisting with its liquidation to recover as much of the value as possible for the creditors. Our experts can provide valuable assistance to companies in this stage of their life cycle.

Let us know how our CPAs and business consultants can help your business navigate challenges and become more profitable. Ccontact us to request a Free Consultation, or give us a call today at 248-952-9520 and ask for Michael Puckett for more information.