Tax Services

Puckett, Clement and Schellenberg, P.C. offers a variety of tax services to our clients. Our goal is to provide tax preparation and planning solutions to match the particular needs of each client whether they’re a small business owner or individual taxpayer. 

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Business Tax Preparation

We understand how tax laws apply to businesses in different industries. We’ll determine what kinds of tax breaks you qualify for and which deductions can be taken for your type of business.

Income Tax Preparation for Individuals

There’s no substitute for working with a qualified professional when it comes to tax preparation. When you try to do your taxes yourself you risk overpaying. Instead, turn to us to get your tax return prepared accurately by an experienced tax accountant.  

Business Tax Planning and Preparation

We understand how tax law applies to businesses in different industries. We will help you craft a tax plan to take advantage of deductions to which you are entitled and to plan for the appropriate time to take certain courses of action (buying new equipment to take advantage of accelerated depreciation deductions, for example). For business operating in multiple states, we can also assist you in determining your tax liability in these various states. We service many different types of business entities including:

  • Sole proprietors
  • Limited liability companies
  • Partnerships
  • C corporations
  • S corporations

Individual Tax Planning and Preparation

Tax law is complicated. There is no way to simplify the US Tax Code and condense it down into a quick synopsis that makes everyone a tax expert right before April 15th. If you prepare your own tax returns, you are taking the position that you understand the Tax Code enough to complete and file a timely and accurate return. If you have reached that point confidently and filed your own return accurately and timely, congratulations. However, if taxes give you headaches and the thought of wading through a quagmire of tax law keeps you up at night, why not let Puckett, Clement and Schellenberg, P.C. put you at ease. There is no substitute for working with a qualified professional when it comes to tax planning and preparation.

Let our experienced staff handle your individual planning and preparation to make sure your returns are accurate. Do you have fluctuations in your income due to bonuses, seasonal income, or because you own your own business? We can help you plan for those fluctuations as they relate to your tax situation and recommend appropriate payroll withholdings or estimated tax payments to meet your income tax liabilities.

Concerned about what you might owe your tax return on April 15th? We have the ability to prepare an income projection in advance, which will give you a very good idea of what you can expect your liability to be when your return is due. Based on this projection, we can help you plan accordingly.

IRS, State and Local Representation

Your first course of action if you should receive a notice from the IRS, your state, or your local municipality should be to contact Puckett, Clement and Schellenberg, P.C. We have extensive experience representing taxpayers in matters related to federal, state and local correspondence and audits. More damage can often be done in attempting to respond to the notice yourself if you are unsure of the tax issues that you are responding to. We represent taxpayers throughout the country in various federal, state and local jurisdictions and assist them in resolving their issues timely and efficiently.

Estate and Trust Planning

We work in conjunction with your estate attorney to assist you in preparing a comprehensive estate plan. If you do not have an estate plan in place, please contact us and we would be happy to help you get one started and refer you to a reputable estate planning attorney. A good estate plan is crucial to protecting your assets.

We also prepare a significant number of estate and trust tax returns annually. If you have a loved one that has passed or trust